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Body Mirror System of Healing how does it work? Physical or emotional problems cause blockages in the human energy field disrupting the natural flow of energy around the body. Rather than treating the symptoms, energy healing treats the individual as a whole looking at the root causes of the problem often found deep within a person’s psyche.

If you wish to release a symptom, it is important to release the stress that created the symptom by harmonising the parts of your life that have not been working well. The Body Mirror System of Healing provides the means to identify the specific tensions creating the symptoms in question, as well as the tools to release these symptoms. When this is done, resolving the tensions in your consciousness about what was not working well in your life allows you to release the inner cause of the symptoms. It is then possible for your body and your consciousness to return to their natural state of balance, and for you to return to the way of being that works best for you.

No physical manipulation is involved in the applied techniques – only a light touch, if any, when it does not conflict with someone’s philosophies or sensitivities.

Energy Healing works only to the extent that you are truly open and ready to receive the energy and use it to heal your physical, mental, and/or emotional issues. The cellular intelligence of your body will use the energy to heal physical issues. The nurturing beliefs of your mind will allow the energy to heal mental issues. The wisdom of your emotions will allow the energy to heal emotional issues.

You will heal to the extent that you embrace healing energy. You will not heal to the extent you resist it. Your Higher Self actually directs the energy to where it is needed and can most be accepted at any moment. Energy Healing is very sensitive to what you want – what you really want – as communicated by your consistent actions, thoughts, and emotions. If you cannot/do not act, think, and feel in healthy ways, Traditional Medicine becomes a better choice for you.

The word Spiritual originates from the Latin ‘spiritus’ meaning ‘breath of life’. Healing can be defined as regaining balance of mind, body and/or emotions. Spiritual Healing is a natural energy therapy that complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Healers are thought to act as a conduit for healing energy, the benefits of which can be felt on many levels, including the physical.

Conditions Treated: 

Physical, mental, emotional, addictions, bereavement, relationship issues, for a a more comprehensive list please click here.

How does Energy Healing help?

The power of Energy Healing comes from the early identification of disruptions and disturbances at the level of energy BEFORE they can manifest in diseases and disorders at the level of matter. This gives you advance notice of problems and precious time to heal your issues before they can create serious illness. For only by healing your issues can you bring your life into balance and achieve vibrant health.

Energy Healing helps by boosting your energy field with the life force present in universal energy. Usually Energy Healing is performed by a practitioner skilled in channeling the flow of universal energy into the fields of others. It is the energy which brings gentle balance into your body, mind, and emotions. It is not the practitioner’s energy which does this: it is universal energy at work. It is your willingness to receive and integrate universal energy that creates the healing.

A typical appointment:

Energy Healing is a holistic method of treatment comprising of different techniques and you will be asked to think about what you hope to accomplish, not only with energy healing but in your life in general. You may want to consider what is preventing you from achieving your goals. Are there any physical, mental or emotional problems you hope to overcome? Do you have any spiritual questions you wish to ask?

Before your appointment, take some notes about what you wish to heal and any concerns. You may want to begin this task a few days beforehand. If feasible, I would recommend taking a bath or shower as shortly before the session as possible. Energy Healing is a cleansing process of the body, mind and spirit and you can begin this with taking care of your body. Start to focus on the goals for your first energy healing session, perhaps through meditation or taking time out from your day-to-day routine. Don’t drink any alcohol. Avoid any activity that requires too much exertion and wear loose, comfortable clothing. Allow plenty of time to get to your appointment; hurrying will affect your physical and mental well-being and be detrimental to the effects of energy healing.

What to expect

Your first session will begin with a discussion about the issues you have and how best to address them with energy healing and help you uncover the root cause of your problem.

You can remain seated during the therapy but certain techniques may require you to be lying down on a treatment couch. You’ll be asked to remove items of jewellery (metallic objects can interfere with the human energy field) but you will not need to undress during your session.

I use a variety of hands-on techniques placing my hands gently on, or just above, areas of the body. This energy work is done in phases and people typically experience some physical and emotional release during this stage. The session also involves some guidance and reflection. Energy healing can be used as part of your daily routine and I can give you advice on energy exercises, nutrition or detoxification.

The energy healing experience differs from one person to the next but most would agree that energy healing is deeply relaxing and peaceful. You may experience physical or emotional changes after your session. These changes may even feel intense; however they are a sign of energy beginning to flow freely around your body again. Give yourself time to rest, and drink plenty of water to flush out any toxins that have been released.

Is it right for you?

Energy healing is a safe, non-invasive and gentle therapy that can work alongside other alternative therapies as well as conventional medicine. Feel free to consult with your GP and local energy healer about any problems or concerns you have as they are trained to recognise what can and cannot be treated with energy healing.

As a healer we believe anything can be healed, the only prerequisite is for you to want to be healed and ready to let go of the energy that caused the imbalance in the first place. Some conditions to mention by way of example: long and short term back pain, headache problems, stiff joints, reoccurring injuries, neural problems, muscle problems, stress, anxiety, etc.


In person in Pimlico-London, some clients prefer to do this in their own space/country, additional travel costs will apply. All sessions are also offered via Skype or remote healing!

Timings/ Cost/ Sessions:

Energy healing sessions are generally 60, 90 or 120 minutes, although all initial consultation that includes healing are 120 minutes as I discuss your situation and together we can create a personal customised plan to help you get where you see yourself being. The techniques I might recommend can also add to your treatment time.

You may find that you feel the benefits of energy healing from your first treatment but you may want to attend more sessions to fully explore all the techniques available to you and start you on a journey of deeper inner discovery, great health and inner peace.

If you would like to experience the peace, the harmony and the unconditional love that lies within you here are two easy ways to book your session.

Step 1 – Choose your session:

  • Chakra healing session-60 minutes, healing your energy system and bring your chakras into balance. £130
  • Chakra healing with intuitive reading-90 minutes, same as above plus, client feedback, we will look at who you are in your greatness, how to access this and what’s stopping you from accessing your greatness. £190
  • Chakra healing session-120 minutes – all the above plus your personalized programme you can do at your own pace lasting 120 minutes–  This enables you to continue to the work on your chakras at your own time. £260

Step 2- Get in touch to book your appointment (Student, Unemployed and 65+ get 25% Discount, prove required)

   +44 78 1717 4708:      healer@healoneself.co.uk

Disclaimer: Whilst many people have reported physical and/or emotional benefits from attending healing sessions, healing cannot promise or guarantee any particular result, it is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment, or as an alternative to medical advice nor do I diagnose any symptoms.  Those privileges are reserved for members of the medical profession. Readers are advised to consult a qualified health practitioner before adopting any of the suggestions or purchasing any products mentioned.

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