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Live a Life that is true to who you really are!

As a life coach I can assist you in recognising factors that stop you having the life you want. Through process of recognition, evaluation, education, meditation, and healing I will assist you in understanding how to make constructive changes that will facilitate yourself being, few to mention: creating a space to find acceptance, chasing the right goals, gain clarity on which way to go, change your communication skills, your career, unwanted habits, and solving relationships problems. Together we will be developing your professional and personal goals, with a momentum to achieve them

You may have read self-improvement books, listened to CD programs and attended workshops designed to provide you with the resources to change your life. Yet, if changing bad habits or consistent unsupportive behaviour were simply a matter of awareness, of knowing what to do, you’d be rich, thin, successful, and happy!

So why are so many of us out of shape, out of money and feeling like we’re out of luck when it comes to creating the life we want? A life that honours your true desires?

What will it take for you to step up and step into the abundant, successful, happy existence of your dreams and live the joy filled life you want?

Knowing what to do isn’t enough. To move from knowledge and awareness to action and to results, you need tools, commitment and ongoing support. PLUS…

You also need to know the core reason…

  • why you get in your own way
  • why you sabotage your success
  • why negative thought patterns continue to assert themselves

All of this be being carried by your Ego self, in your cells and DNA, from your past lives.

Yes, that’s right!  Any trauma you experienced in your previous lifetimes will continue to have a significant impact on your life today until you learn the lesson associated with that trauma.

I can help you do exactly that!

A combination of healing and coaching will help you to be your best, to be successful, to be even more fulfilled. Because learning from your past life traumas which is part of your coaching plan will ensure your current life goals are even more enriching and fulfilling.

To be your best you must be willing to do what it takes to reach your goals.

Committed and consistent action day in and day out, keeping yourself focused  and doing what you know is necessary to achieve your goals will ensure you enjoy the life, the relationships, the finances, the health, the abundance, the happiness and success you deserve and desire.

Coaching helps you take knowledge and tools and use them effectively, efficiently and wisely. Ongoing coaching will ensure you hold yourself accountable to the highest possible standards required to achieve success and to live your dreams.

Every successful athlete and sports professional knows the value of having the right coach to support them. 

Coaching helps you take knowledge and tools and use them effectively, efficiently and wisely. Ongoing coaching will ensure you hold yourself accountable to the highest possible standards that success and living your dreams require.

The right coach will ensure you achieve your successes faster, more easily and with a huge amount of enjoyment.

I bring together the latest in coaching technologies combined with healing teachings that honour your true self, ensure all your needs are met and that when you achieve your goals you are fulfilled!

By working with a coach who genuinely cares about you, you will have someone who will help you design your plan for success, help you set yourself up to win…and ensure you win!

Give yourself the time out you need!

Imagine giving yourself just few hours a day to relax, be taken care of and to receive unconditional love. This is my gift to you!

Your individual sessions are designed to connect you to your Self, to ensure you leave feeling re-energised, balanced and full of joy ready to embrace your life fully.

Why is this so important?

“Each person, animal, rock, plant, home has an auric field which can capture and hold negative energy.  If this negative energy is not cleansed and removed, it can create illness and dis-ease for its owner.  It therefore, makes sense to keep yourself and your environment free from illness and dis-ease.

To experience the peace, the harmony and the unconditional love that lies within you take one more step towards living your extraordinary life…

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