Feed Your Mind, Enjoy Your Body, Free Your Spirit!

Conditions Treated

Energy blockage is the main culprit for mental, physical, emotional problems.

The following list of conditions has been shown to respond positively to the healing of energy blockages:

Abandonment; Abdominal Pain; Accident trauma; Addiction;  Alcoholism;  Allergies; Anger Management; Anorexia, nervousness;  Anxiety; Back Pain;  Bereavement;  Blood pressure ; Bronchitis ;Bulimia;  Cancers; Childbirth; Chronic Fatigue; Chronic Pain ; Depression; Digestive Problems ; Drug/Smoke/Alcohol addiction; Ear Ache ; Eating, Disorders ; Eczema ; Fainting , Flu ; Gastroenteritis (stomach flu) ; Grief; Headaches; Hormone Imbalance ; Immune System Dysfunction ; Indigestion, Influenza (Flu) ; Insecurity; Insomnia; Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS); Joint Pain; Lumbago; M E Menopausal symptoms; Migraines; Multiple Sclerosis MS; Muscle Cramps and pain ; OCD ; Panic Attacks; Period pain; Personal development ; Pet loss; PMS PMT ; Pregnancy ; Psoriasis; Relationship Problems (self, family friends, work, partner); Rheumatism; Shoulder pain; Separation; Sore throat; Smoking, Stomach cramps; Stress; Stroke; Toothache ;Tinnitus ; Tiredness ; Tonsillitis ; Trauma (PTSD); Tremors ; Ulcerative colitis ; Urinary Problems ; Urticaria ; Vertigo; Watery Eye, etc.

Energy blocks:

  • Blocking unpleasant experiences from the past, childhood, even past lives
  • Unreleased emotions from the past, childhood or past lives: anger, fear, negative thoughts, guilt
  • Lack of love and support from parents
  • Ignoring body’s needs
  • No humour, taking oneself too seriously
  • Egotistical or weak ego, etc
  • Implanted and/or corded chakras

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